Inspiration found me on the Colorado trails this afternoon. 

So the people who know me best (well, and my students and coworkers and ok everyone…..oh geezzzzz) know I’m an avid runner and a semi good (ok, mediocre!) wannabe mountain biker.  I’m a runner first but don’t tell my husband…. 🙂

I ran the trails of Nederland, CO this afternoon, 10.5 miles and felt like I was floating the whole time, cool air on my skin, aspen tree canopies, I was alive!  I was running free with no sounds or people around, alive and aware as I floated…alone in my every thought….Then it happened, I got the most amazing idea for my next drawing series!!!! But too bad I can’t tell yet! 🙂 hehehe…. it has to wait until around mid September, Boooooo….then I’ll share.  Gotta make sure all T’s are crossed as they say!

As the summer comes to an end I challenge YOU!  Yes YOU to get outside and walk, run, ride just be quiet in nature even if just for a short bit (you don’t have to go 10 miles to find inspiration) but go, be clear in nature.  When your mind is full and you feel stressed, experience the air on your face and forget everything that stresses you.  Most importantly be quiet in this overwhelming world – you might just find that next step in your journey.  I’m excited, are you?!

kate steamboat emerald mtn-2

This is a picture of me mountain biking in Steamboat Springs, CO, one of the places I feel most inspired in this world.